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Golf Cart Insurance

A picture of an empty golf cart being used to promote the sale of golf cart insurance.

If you’ve been in Southwest Florida long enough no doubt you’ve seen the ubiquitous golf carts which seem to be everywhere. They provide a fun and fuel-efficient method of mobility whether it’s for a short ride to pick up groceries or taking in 18 holes on your favorite golf course. Sadly, some homeowners don’t ensure them and most insurance policies don’t cover accidents or other damages involving them. Here at Avalon Insurance, we have agents ready to help you find the right policy for your cart and put to rest any fears in the event of damages. Submit one of our quick online quote forms - with the help of our dedicated business partners; we conveniently offer an entire solution for all your insurance and business needs.

Do I Really Need It?

It depends on how fast it can go. If it runs 15 mph or less and is used only on a golf course or private property you can add it to a homeowners insurance policy. If runs between 20 mph to 25 mph and is used on local roads then it must be properly titled, registered, and insured with both personal injury protection and property damage liability insurance. This coverage is typically not included in most standard insurance policies. Our insurance agents can help find the right policy for you based on your travel needs. 

What Does It Cover?

This type of policy typically covers damages that may occur to property or bodily harm that is caused to involved parties. The insurance is broken into several parts:

  • Comprehensive & Collision

Collision pays for repairs or entirely replaces the golf cart in the event of a collision with another vehicle, regardless of who was at fault. Comparatively, comprehensive covers any damages that occur due to uncommon circumstances such as fires, storm damage, or theft. While these insurance policies aren’t required, they provide protection in the event that your golf cart needs to be quickly replaced and can save you the headache of figuring out how to pay for repairs. 

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Though not required by the state, it is a good idea to have uninsured motorist coverage. This ensures that if you become the victim of a hit-and-run driver or a driver who does not have sufficient insurance, your injuries will be paid for. This insurance does not, however, cover damage to your car.

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Insurance

No one is a perfect driver, and though you will try to avoid it, there’s always a chance that you will be the cause of an incident. PDL coverage will cover the price of damages you cause while driving a vehicle. This refers to damages to other people’s property caused by you or your family members. Therefore, it does not necessarily cover your vehicle, which may also sustain damage in the process.

Get the Best Golf Cart Insurance in Fort Myers

A wide variety of auto coverage options exist to help cover the costs of car replacement and other potential injuries to self or property. Just give us a quick call today at 239-275-3888 or Submit one of our quick online quote forms - with the help of our dedicated business partners; we conveniently offer an entire solution for all your insurance and business needs.  Drop by one of our agencies to see how we can help you complete your coverage today. Our Fort Myers, FL location: 7370 College Pkwy, Ste. 312 in Fort Myers, FL 33907 or North Port, Fl Location: 14503 Tamiami Trail, Unit D, North Port, Fl 34287.