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Why Restaurant Insurance?

The Cutlers started a restaurant in Utah that has slowly made its way to chain status within the valley. It continues to provide delicious food and extraordinary service – and it's all because they invested in restaurant insurance.

When the first flood came, they made sure that the next time something like that happened they wouldn't be paying out of pocket to cover the damage. That's when they decided to get restaurant insurance. It covered the damage the next time the flood came, and they had no fear that it would also cover any fire damage done to the restaurant.

The insurance that they had invested in covered more than they even realized. There was one customer who made accusations about their food giving them food poisoning and even threatened to take legal action against them in what he thought would be an easy win. Thankfully, they were covered by insurance and were not responsible to pay for the doctor bills themselves.

It doesn't matter what kind of restaurant you own – sit down, take-out, cafe, bar or fast food restaurant – they are all covered by the insurance. Individual policies may differ, but if you own any kind of restaurant it would be a mistake not to invest in insurance to protect both you and your restaurant.

Take the Cutlers' success story as an example and remember that your insurance is there to protect you. In the long run, it will save you much more money than it would to have to pay individually for every kind of damage and lawsuit you may face.

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