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Understanding Health Care Reform

The government of the United States of America is currently in a standoff over this thing called health care reform, but what is health care reform? Simple answer—the reconstruction of the entire healthcare system of the United States.
Health Care Reform within the U.S.
When a person thinks of health care reform in this way it is not hard to understand why it is such a hot button topic within the governing bodies of the nation and why it will have such a huge impact for every individual in the country. But the recent healthcare reforms collectively termed Obamacare, which reforms are now under pressure of collapsing due to political stances and budgeting issues, can have a giant impact on the lives of ordinary citizens, and for this reason it is important that all individuals understand how the new health care reforms could influence their lives.

How will it affect us?
There are multiple ways in which the new health care reforms could impact the lives of American citizens so each individual should do their own homework on the topic to discover how the new provisions will affect them. But as a general summation, here are a few of the most wide reaching changes to health care that are scheduled to come into play over the next few years:
· Pre-existing medical conditions can no longer be used as a means of denying a person healthcare insurance.
· Lifetime caps on insurance coverage will be eliminated
· To compensate for the increased financial burden that they will be responsible for, many businesses may either cut employees hours to make them not eligible for health benefits or raise the percentage of healthcare premiums that employees are responsible for paying to cover costs.
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