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Recall List

You're in a rush. This week is going to be crazy: Mike has Monday afternoon soccer practice, Ruby has cheerleading Tuesday through Thursday, your car insurance is coming due on Friday and you have not had time to shop it, and to top it off, the deadline for the presentation on that big account you are trying to close is tomorrow. This week is going to be a long one. As you skim the grocery aisles for something quick and easy to pack your munchkins for lunch, you come to the peanut butter section. Perfect! PB&J it is. The quick, convenient and easy way to do lunch- the kids love it too! Done, check, marked off, one more thing off of the list of "to-do" this week. You get home that night and it's finally Mommy time. You flip on the evening news, get your book ready, and prepare to unwind. All of the sudden flashing across the screen is the peanut butter you just bought to make the kids lunch this week; it's recalled. Back to the grocery store it is…. What a week this will be!

We have all been there. Life can get so crazy and overwhelming. The little twists and turns life throws us can sometimes seem like huge roadblocks to our plans.
Here at Avalon Insurance Group, we want to make things simple for you.

We may not be able to take the kids to soccer and cheerleading practice but, we are able to help with the burden of shopping your insurance. We will ease your minds and give you peace, knowing that the ones you love and your assets are all properly protected.

We are here to help with all of your insurance needs. Whether you have questions about car insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, condo insurance, liability insurance or flood insurance, we are here to serve you! We do the leg work for you with outstanding agents on standby to thoroughly investigate the best company for you and insure that you are getting the most competitive price.

In light of this story, please visit the link below with the most recent recalled products. The list has all kinds of items. Make sure your family is protected!