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Quick Cold Remedies

Going on week 4 of that horrible cold? Colds can be frustrating, especially when it seems that the symptoms will never go away. Do not underestimate it and assume that it will quickly run its course and you will be fine. Take the appropriate measures to get rid of it as soon as you catch it. Here are 3 awesome tips that will help you overcome the symptoms as quickly as possible.


When you are feeling down in the dumps, your body needs time to recuperate. It cannot take the time needed for that when you are always on the run. Take the time you need by sleeping. Allow yourself to sleep in late, stay in bed all day, and go to sleep early.

Drink Hot Beverages

Clear out your sinuses with a tasty hot beverage that can also give you the necessary vitamins you need to recover. Plenty of teas also provide immunity boosts to prevent you from getting sick again later. If you are desperate you can add ginger and garlic to your tea to fend off the cold even sooner.


Draw extra hot baths or showers to use the steam to help your breathing. The steam temporarily moisturizes the nasal passages, allowing them to relax and ease the symptoms. This will also help you if you have a sore throat. For a quick fix, boil a pot of water on the stove and stand over it with a towel over your head to centralize the steam.

Put these tips to the test, and you'll be feeling healthy again in no time!

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