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Protecting Your Home from Burglary

beautiful homeBurglaries, robberies, and in-home invasions continue to be a serious problem in the United States, with thousands of homes and families being victimized each year. But becoming a victim of a burglary in the home is not a luck of the draw or perchance occurrence as some think it to be; no, rather there are those who present themselves to become victims and those who take the steps necessary to secure their homes and their possessions from opportunistic thieves.

A vast majority of home invasions and burglaries for theft spawn from an opportunity that is sensed by the criminal or criminals. An unlocked door or open window can be the exact markers that a thief is looking for to break in and rob a home.

But this same home could have been kept safe from theft if the owners would have simply locked the door or closed the window. Because nearly all home thefts are sparked by triggers, such as an unsecured entry or similar opportunity, a homeowner and a family must know what they can do to keep their home safe from burglary. Such precautions include the following:
-Lock all doors and windows
-Plant thorny bushes below ground-floor windows
-Destroy or hide trash that hints at recent expensive purchases (TV boxes, appliance boxes,
-Install motion sensor lighting to the outside of the home
-Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doorways
-Keep the outside of the home well maintained to show occupancy
-Avoid routines of absence if possible
-Install a security system in the home

By taking these and other common sense precautions, a homeowner can drastically lower the likelihood of being burglarized. To further protect your home, check out our home insurance.

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