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Preparing for Hurricane Season

Although still a few months out, hurricane season will be here before you know it. To avoid unnecessary death, injury, or damages, hurricane preparation is the way to go.
Take some time now to prepare your family and your home for hurricane season, before the wind and water strikes.

Home Preparation

Normally, there will be some kind of warning before a hurricane hits. However, there won't be enough time to do everything that you need to once a warning has been issued. So prepare now!
- Install storm shutters on your home, or have heavy-duty plywood cut out and prepared for installation for your windows.
- Make sure your trees and hedges are trimmed so they will resist breaking and flying into your house.
- Secure or bring in outdoor furniture, garbage cans, etc. from your yard.
- Right before a hurricane hits, fill up your tub and other containers with water to use for sanitary purposes.
- Turn your fridge to the coldest setting and keep the door shut as long as possible.
- Turn off utilities if directed to do so.

Emergency Kits

When a storm hits and you are stuck indoors or forced to evacuate, it's important to have an emergency kit on-hand and ready to go. In this kit, you should have:
- Water
- Food
- Extra clothing/blankets
- First aid kit
- Radio
- Flashlight
- Emergency tools
- Cash
- Medicine

Evacuation Plans

Unlike a home kitchen fire or burst pipe, hurricanes are a community disaster. So learn what your community has prepared in terms of warnings, communication, and evacuation.
Additionally, make sure your family has a plan for a hurricane evacuation. Choose one rendezvous point near your home and one far away where your family can meet up if you get separated. Make sure everyone knows emergency numbers and contact information as well.
If you've prepared your home and your family with these things, you should respond well during a hurricane. Just follow these tips and any other directions given to you by your local community and stay safe this hurricane season!