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Perpetually Preparing for Life

Life is tough. It can be hard to manage, difficult to navigate, and can be, at times, filled with crushing adversities.
But life can also be sweet, comfortable, and fulfilling in every way imaginable. Focusing on the positive and choosing to live a full and enjoyable life will help a person to find real happiness and joy.
Preparation Proceeds Power
As the old saying goes, preparation proceeds power, and so it is in this case with finding the ability to overcome life's difficult times and focusing on the good ones. But preparing for life is not like preparing for most other things, where a sufficient amount of preparation beforehand will help carry the person through the task or goal they were preparing for.
No, preparing for life's challenges is different. When preparing for life's ups and downs, a person will need to be constantly progressing and constantly preparing; sharpening their life skills and building their inner strength.
How to Find Joy in Life

While there are many things that a person can do to help themselves constantly prepare for whatever life has in store for them, some of which things can be practical like buying insurance to cover financial losses due to damaged or lost assets, there are three main components to a person's inner self that can be daily improved upon to help the person find the strength to overcome adversities and find the joy life can offer. These three qualities that can be developed and improved daily are:
· Courage
· Confidence
· Discipline
With the development of these three qualities, a person will be better able to develop the most important quality of a perpetually prepared person—high self-esteem.

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