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Driving While Viewing Social Media, BAD IDEA!!

Driving while viewing social media, bad idea!!


We all hate sitting in traffic; we want to pass the time so we pull out our mobile device click on to social media to find out how Johnny made out at the beach during spring break.

You're scrolling through the pictures and enjoying the good time Johnny is having when you come across a picture and see a familiar face; you start zooming in while traffic is opening up, by this time it is too late to put the phone down. Traffic has opened up and you are now doing the speed limit. You are now so focused on the picture on social media that you don't see the auto in front of you coming to a stop, you suddenly look up, try to steer to the right but the guardrail to the bridge you are crossing stops you making your car go up on two wheels. Your car comes back down only to be wedged between the guardrail and the car that was stopping in front of you. There you are dangling from your seatbelt not knowing what to do. The other people on the bridge rush to help, you are not injured. You get out of your vehicle and look at the other car and see a young mother crying out "My child, my child!" you look to the back of her car and see a little girl in a baby seat, you rush over to see this little girl looking back at you. You fall to your knees "What have I done"!

You watch as EMS pulls the the litle girl from the car and see that she is okay, you sigh "THANK YOU JESUS"!

This story ends on a good note although this driver now has an at fault accident on his record and his auto insurance rates are going to increase. Not worth the stress and extra money coming out of his pocket just to pass some time sitting in traffic.


Get great facts on driving while viewing social media from the below link.