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Create an Escape Plan

Although a majority of citizens in the United States enjoy feelings of safety and security, it never pays to be so sure of your well-being that you find yourself unprepared when a disaster occurs. No matter how safe you think you may be, the possibility of a crisis striking your home is always present. Review these points to help you prepare an escape plan for your family so that you remain prepared in case of an emergency.

Focus on your house first
Although your house may seem safe, it can quickly become a danger to you and your family during a fire or an earthquake. Review with your family what they should do if caught in these situations. Make sure to have at least two escape routes from each room in your house and also review the location of utility shutoffs, escape ladders, and fire extinguishers. Finally, ensure that all members of the family know the precautions they should take in case of a house fire and take the time to practice them regularly together.

Prepare supplies
Whether you must leave your house or simply survive in it without water or electricity, you should have a 72 hour kit ready to go. Always make sure a first aid kit is also easily accessible. Lastly, make it a habit to have enough water and food to last your family a month. Ideally these supplies should be easy to carry to a car or carry with you if the need to evacuate arises.

Plan for evacuation
While no one wants to consider evacuation ever becoming a reality, preparing now will help if that ever becomes the case. Review possible escape routes. If you have a car, keep the gas tank above half at all times. No matter what your mode of transportation, make sure you have a battery powered radio with you to receive updates and information.

Sadly enough, disasters and the subsequent evacuations affect more people than we realize. Get prepared for that eventuality today to ensure your family's safety should it ever happen to you.

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