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7 Things to do Before Your Road Trip

It's road trip season! With the call of the open roads begging you to ride, it's hard to resist instant departure – after all, road trips are all about spontaneity. But exercise a little self-restraint before you take off and do these 7 things to ensure an enjoyable road trip!
How to plan a road trip

Pick Your Friends Wisely

First of all – make sure you only agree to go on a road trip with people that you will get along with. Everybody has ticks, pet peeves, road-tripping styles, musical tastes, and budget preferences that could make or break a road trip. So choose your travel buddies wisely.

Clean the Car

You will basically be living out of your car for the duration of your trip. So start the trip as comfortably as possible – start with a clean car!

Have a Loose Plan

The trick to a good road trip is having some plans, but not too many. You want to make sure that you pass through beautiful scenery, stop at fun locations, but also allow for serendipitous discoveries.

Plan out Lodging

After driving in the car all day, you're not going to want to sleep in it too. So for good, cheap accommodations, book your hotel stays in advance.

Bring a Cooler

Bring a cooler full of real, fresh food and restock at grocery stores along the way. You'll be able to avoid that sick, fat feeling of a fast-food-only-diet as you drive along.

Paper Map

Don't underestimate the utility of a paper map. Even though, for the most part, your phone will guide you along the way, you don't want to be stuck directionless if you run out of data, battery, or lose your phone.

Give Your Car a Checkup

Before you leave, it's important that your car is in good condition. You don't want to ruin your trip with mechanical problems, expensive tows, or a broken AC. Have your car tuned up, tires checked, and liquids replenished before you head out.
With these 7 simple preparations, your road trip is destined to be great! So head out for a road trip adventure always to be remembered!