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5 Tips to Stay Healthy in the Spring

The winter blues are just about over, and now we move to the promising weather of springtime. Although the worst may certainly be over, there are still some sicknesses hanging in the air.

With the help of a few key tips, you can ensure that you start of spring strong, and make it all the way to summer with a bounce in your step.

Tips for Spring Health

1. Take advantage of the fruit the spring weather brings in. Now that winter is over, spring crops of berries and other early fruits are starting to come into season. Test the old adage of an apple a day by simply eating more fruit as spring begins.
2. Exercise more regularly. With spring comes the addition of warmer weather and much better outside conditions. Take advantage of these pleasant changes in the weather to boost your optimism for exercise and the great outdoors.
3. Up the water intake. As spring begins and invites more hot weather, it is about time to up your personal water intake to prepare for the summer to come. Staying hydrated is always important to overall health.
4. Pull out the sunscreen. We often forget to use sunscreen until it is really (really) hot outside, but using sunscreen even in the spring is a key to good health.
5. Get enough sleep. Sleeping is important in every season, but with all the new exercise you'll be fitting in, sleep is especially important.

Spring is finally here, so make your first steps into a healthier and happier you as the weather warms up and we move towards summer!