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5 Tips to Keep Cool in Florida

It's summer time, which means the attractions of Florida are calling! But before you jet off for a family vacation filled with fun, make sure to pack smartly for a Florida summer. New residents and visitors alike can avoid a lot of misery by following these 5 simple tips to keep cool during the hot summers of Florida!

Stay Hydrated

This is your number one MUST-DO to stay cool and keep yourself healthy and heat-stroke free. Water is your best friend, followed by sports drinks. Alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks actually make you more dehydrated – so keep away.

Dress Smartly

For hot, humid weather, you want loose, light, breathable fabric to minimize the heat. Brimmed hats are another great plus, as well as open toed shoes and scarves or bandanas that have been soaked in cool water.

Travel Tricks

As you travel about, keep in mind these easy travel tricks:
· Stay in the shade, or make your own with a parasol
· Stop in public, air-conditioned buildings along your route for a quick break
· Pour a bit of cool water in your hat before you head outdoors
· Carry around a combination squirt-bottle/fans for a portable, cool mist

Plan Your Day Around the Sun

As you go about planning your day, try to include indoor activities during the height of the day. If you can keep the outdoor roaming for the morning and evening, you'll suffer much less during the hottest afternoon hours.

Watermelon Shark

Eat Cool Foods

Don't add to your inner furnace with hot-cooked meals. Instead, go for cool, fresh foods – especially water-filled fruit like melons. Another neat trick is to add some spice to your food. Spicy foods will make you sweat, cooling down your body.

Now that you know how to stay cool, time to get out and have some fun in the Florida sun!