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5 Back to School Health Tips for Parents

Summer has ended and the school year has just begun. The beginning of the school year brings many new things like school supplies, homework, and fall weather, but it also means that there is a higher chance of your kids getting sick.

To keep your kids as healthy as possible this school year, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Pack Healthy Lunches

Healthy sack lunchOne of the most important parts of student health is developing healthy eating habits. Helping your children to develop good habits can be as simple as packing nutritious lunches every day.

Instead of choosing lunches that are full of processed foods and sugar, pack lunches that are full of nutritious ingredients including:

· Whole Grains
· Fruits and Vegetables
· Protein

Creating wholesome lunches will increase your children's energy and concentration all year long.

Pack Hand Sanitizer

At school, there are plenty of opportunities for your children to be exposed to bugs and other illnesses. And though washing their hands is a great way for them to avoid these sicknesses, it isn't always possible for them to grab a hall pass.

To help your student keep clean hands without missing important class time, encourage them to pack and use hand sanitizer every day.

Schedule a Check-up

The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to plan your child's well check visit. Set up an appointment with their pediatrician so you can catch any illnesses before they become a problem.

Having yearly well check visits is an important part of staying healthy throughout the school year.

Make Time for Exercise

During the summer, it is easy to spend time exercising with your kids. But during the school year it can be much more difficult for them to get in their necessary exercise. Spend at least half an hour exercising with your child each day, and you will both be healthier for the school year.

Help Your Children Invest in Their Health

Staying healthy is important, but if your children don't feel invested in their health, it may be difficult for them to follow these guidelines. Instead of simply making these decisions for your children, help them to be a part of the process.

By simply giving your children input in the healthy decisions of every day, they will be much more likely to follow through. So give them options and help them to make healthy choices together!

Start the Year Right

The new school year is a time for excitement and adventure, so don't let illness get in the way! Help your child to stay healthy this school year and start implementing these tips today!