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3 Safety Devices that Will Help You Sleep Easy at Night

Everyone has a bed, couch, and television in their home to stay comfy and entertained, but not every family equips themselves with the tools that are going to keep them safe. Here are three home safety devices that no home should go without.

Smoke Detectors

Don't be annoyed when the batteries run out and it starts beeping – replace the batteries before you get hurt. Fires can start unexpectedly and spread quickly, so it's best to have as much warning as possible to call authorities and get out.

Smoke alarms should be:
· Inside every room someone sleeps, outside every room someone sleeps in, and on every floor.
· Tested every month.
· Replaced every 10 years.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every winter carbon monoxide becomes a threat in all of our homes as we try to stay warm. If heaters and furnaces are left unchecked and there are no carbon monoxide detectors in the home, things can get messy fast. CO poisoning also has symptoms that are difficult to diagnose, so be sure you have a working detector before winter comes.

Fire Extinguishers

Once you have both a fire detector and a home fire evacuation plan, then you need to make sure you have a fire extinguisher.

Be sure that when you use it, your back is to a safe exit, and that the fire is contained to one area, so it won't easily spread and surround you. If the room begins to fill with smoke, leave before you can't see or breathe.

There's no such thing as being "too safe", so be prepared for the worst and you'll be able to protect you and your family without any damages.